At EQ concerts, audience members are invited to write reviews and provide feedback:

Dec. 13, 2015 (Whitemud Crossing Library)

Thank you for your time and lovely music.

Thank you! This was my highlight of the month… but I’ll look forward now for the 17th. An Xmas gift to myself. Thank you and best wishes.

Excellent performance. Very enjoyable afternoon. Thanks.

Lovely. Thank you.

That was so wonderful! A pleasant surprise as I didn’t know it was going to be presented today. Thanks so much for your wonderful gift of music. Thanks to the sponsors! Keep playing and sharing your music.

Thank you for the magnificent performance – you kept your concentration despite people walking in/out and cell phones going off. Thank you for all the work you do!

Wow! My first time! Really enjoyed the concert, especially the Mendelssohn! Fantastic playing. Please put me on your mailing list. Thanks.

Excellent as always. Good to have you back again! Thanks.

Sept. 11, 2015 Brussels : 1900 : Vienna International Conference (Edmonton City Hall)

Thank you so much – a lovely concert. I particularly enjoyed the Ysaÿe piece. I’ve never heard a full duet of 2 violins alone and it was fascinating. Thanks for the history lesson as well.

Great performance!

What a discovery. Fascinating, humorous, full of tension and emotion.

Please keep me informed of other concerts.

Aug. 25, 2015 ‘L’invitation’: A Late Afternoon Concert (Edmonton City Hall)

Absolutely superb. Bravo! Did not know that 4 virtuosi together elevated the power of music exponentially. Congrats.

Very beautiful. Thank you.

New Departures! Great Performances! I’d have been grateful for song texts.

Thank you for the ‘voyage’ – such varied repertoire and lovely to hear the vocals and pianist. we appreciate you all sharing your talent!

Something old, something new, something operatic 🙂 loved, loved the Wieniawski. Thank you Guillaume for your comments.

Wonderful! also good showcasing of solo (and in one case, a young) artists.

Exquisite!!! Like the theme for the series. Always such precision and artistic clarity.

Amazing performance, it was my first time listening to a group of artists playing live classical music and it was awesome.

Bailey Cameron: wow, that voice! Guillaume Tardif: you sure made that violin sing. I disliked the violin (in general) for the longest time growing up because I was forced to play it. It’s only been recently that I’ve begun to enjoy classical music and your performance has helped me to appreciate how beautiful the violin can sound!

March 8, 2015 (Edmonton City Hall)

Thank you Guillaume for the historical background and how it influence the music. Lovely concert!

Excellent. Different space obviously than Convocation Hall, but nice to open up chamber music to the broader public.

Very nice. Very much appreciated!

It was a wonderful concert. I enjoyed it so much. I go to Europe every year; there I go to concerts every single night. It came to my memory in this beautiful music. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your ongoing endeavors in bringing classical music out of the concert hall and into other venues. City Hall, in particular, is a lovely setting for string quartet music on a Sunday afternoon, with its brilliant natural lighting and lively marble acoustics. And the Cherubini Quartet #1 was a revelation! Thanks for introducing it to an Edmonton audience.

Thanks – much appreciated!

It was an awesome performance. I look forward to see your next concert. Thank you : )

You are the Best at it.

February 15, 2015 (Convocation Hall, Kornel Wolak, clarinet)

The Enterprise Quartet put on an amazing performance this evening. Their choice of repertoire was energetic, engaging, and the soloist was impressive, working well with the performers. Beautiful playing!

Really fabulous! Impressive.

What an amazing variety of repertoire. The tremendous skill of Mr. Wolak is unmatched. Thank you for bringing us this interesting and intricate program!

It was a phenomenal concert. I very much enjoyed it.

Absolutely loved every note! Thank you : )

Great balance! Overall I though it could have used more cello in the balance for the Gershwin. Great energy. I always enjoy seeing the excitement in the Enterprise’s instrument dialogue. Looking forward to the next concert.

Amazing virtuosity and breath control. Loved the 3rd piece – able to hear all the instruments, very full sound. Very in sync for Brahms quintet.

Amazing Technique! Wonderful tone, great blend between clarinet and strings. Gershwin felt a bit too strict (rhythmically). Great show!!!

December 13, 2013 (Whitemud Crossing Library Auditorium)

I enjoyed both pieces immensely! I hope you can play for us again, soon! Merry Christmas!

Terrific! I appreciate it so much, Please come again!

Much appreciate your music – the whole series melodic and vivacious romantics. Hope you play again! Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 to you all!. Please contact ELLA for offering a program.

Thank you so much for bringing such superb music to the Library. These past several seasons – especially today with its heavy snow and frigid temperatures! Your performance refreshed our minds and warmed our hearts.

Love these concerts at the LIbrary. We are just across the road and this is our chamber music fix. Loved the Mendelssohn!

Great Music, especially Schumann, Thank you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am very grateful for these wonderful concerts. the program selection, execution and the informal explanations (not necessarily focused on technical details! great to focus on the ‘off beat’ on Schumann) I wish I could bring the whole city to these concerts (I’ve tried my best!) I appreciate that you do not get discouraged by the small audiences (I do!) and keep doing your work of education and appreciation of chamber music and its magnificent repertoire. Much gratitude and respect for all you do in this direction. It has been a great gift for me. est Wishes,

A wonderful performance… Such a treat on a snowy wintery day. Loved the musician’s passion and their love for their art. I hope to hear more of you in the near future!

Beautiful pieces and I enjoyed the introductory comments helping me understand the pieces. We hope this continues in the New Year!

I wish to thank you for your fine music on Friday noon. I really appreciate being able to go to the library to listen to such a wonderful performance. I may have been tempted to daydream a little as the ship upon which I cruised the Elbe was The Clara Schumann. However your expert musicality kept me very well focused. I hope not to miss your next series. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

December 11, 2013 noon (Horowitz Theatre)

Dear Enterprise Quartet, Thank you so much for your brilliant performance and for your continued outreach in the community. I really appreciate Dr. Tardif’ giving a bit of musical context before the pieces. it makes it a hundred times more enjoyable!, Thanks!!

loved the brief introductions to each of the quartets so that I could watch, well listen, for certain things. Beautiful fugue in the 2nd movement of Mendelssohn. Loved the 3rd movement of the 2nd Quartet. I had an awesome time listening through the Fall 2013 season. looking forward to some more :).

Excellent performances, thank you.


I appreciate your attention to detail. It was a pleasure to see you perform. If you would like we see about including your concerts in our student group newsletter and other listservs.

Very enjoyable. keep it up next year

It was tantalizing from head to toe. Amen

Thank you for the wonderful performance today@ The topic of Romantic music is a good choice! I missed the Prussian Quartet, but today’s show is a good one too! Bravo!

the projection on the back screen took a while to settle on a colour any stepwise colour change can be jarring against the rhythm of the music. The music though was marvellous.

Appreciated explanations of each movement. Thx.

I am from China. it’s my first time to come to a classic concert. very exciting! I like the melodies, sad sometimes light & happy sometimes. I can feel it, though I am only a layman. Thanks!

You have given me great pleasure and much joy: I look forward to the Winter Series, Thank you,

Repeat audience member; try never to miss your performances; Always grateful;

I was impressed by the harmony and unity of the quartet playing.

Engaging performances (as expected). For me the Schumann was a discovery! Also enjoyed the decorative programme cover.

November 19, 2013 7:30PM (Edmonton City Hall)

We have attended four of your concerts. Excellent work. The Nov. 11 Remembrance Day Concert was exceptional. We look forward to more!! Bravo!

Enjoyed this very much! Very tight, liked the playful energy, and selection of tunes. Keep up the perfection!

Marvellous, inspirational. We appreciate you so much!

First time here, and it was amazing! Thank you.

Mozart never fails to intrigue and delight! Haydn bashes away all the cold, all the heart sings whenever Haydn plays!  And once again the Enterprise Quartet rules! Hope to hear more next year!!!!!

Thank you so very much for this beautiful concert.

Very enjoyable – Thank you. Also appreciated the introductory remarks and demonstrations. Please give us more.

Beautiful music to warm this winter night : ) Thank you ♥

Absolutely wonderful! and such a great venue. It’s unfortunate that there’s no evening performances in December. Hope to see more events from t he Enterprise Quartet in future.

What a wonderful event!! Absolutely a found treasure!

Excellent performance even the 2nd time around. Appreciate your talent and giving of your time. Keep up the good work.

That was amazing. I truly appreciate this. Thank you.

Thank you so much for those heavenly sounds and magical music! You are medicine for the heart and soul.

What a fantastic surprise to see you here!

November 18, 2013 12PM (Winspear Centre)

I liked those explanations of the dot and the fermata and the illustrations.

I loved the ‘dot’ story – makes it interesting – thank you Guillaume! The Mozart (Prussian) was my favorite of all the quartets I’ve heard you plan and the Andante was just heavenly : ) (I’m not an expert) but wow!

Thank you for the uplifting music! We enjoyed the introduction, very educational indeed.

Thank you so much! Wonderful.

Very enjoyable concerts. It’s so nice to have these concerts. Really special! Thank you! PS Beautiful venue and convenient time.

Thank you so much. Appreciate the talks re: the music.

November 17, 2013 1PM (Whitemud Crossing Library)

The Haydn and Mozart quartets were magnificent! Please don’t stop until you’ve performed them all!

I loved your performance! I specifically liked how you explained parts of the music to the audience and enhanced it with examples. I’ll be back in December!

November 11, 2013 7:30PM (Convocation Hall)

I am so glad I came to this concert. What an eye opening. Great history, the whole performance excellent.

More people should commemorate Remembrance Day this way. I’m a bit shattered and the lights are too bright. But it’s all good. Thank you.

Scottish bagpipes were incredible!!!

Appropriate and moving.

Just wanted to say the Monday night concert at Con Hall was a wonderful mix of lesser known music plus the traditional bagpipe was a treat. It was a very poignant and enjoyable evening. Professor Tardif’s … tidbits were very informative and interesting. Job well done! We are very much enjoying all the concerts offered so far this season.

November 4, 2013 7:30PM (Convocation Hall, U of Alberta)

As usual, thoughtful, polished, enriching.

One of Edmonton’s hidden gems! It was great. Would love to hear some women composers. How about Fanny Mendelssohn or Clara Schumann? Or maybe our own Violet Archer?

November 3, 2013 2PM (Edmonton City Hall)

Thank you again for sharing your craft/beautiful music with the public – freely. Suggestion #1 – set up system whereby you can receive donations. I would be glad to offer $ now and then : ) #2 – sandwich boards in the area directing walk-ins from hotels, etc.

Thank you very much for the very enjoyable performance. I don’t know much about classical music, but thank you for sharing and I had a great experience!! : )

Lovely – cheers my heart to hear this music.

Wonderful performance on a very ghastly day. Sadly, the room was very drafty and the janitor should not rattle about with his cleaning cart! Last not least: coffee and some hot punch would have been nice as well as some sweets for the kids. After all – it is Advent time and Christmas is approaching fast. Last do it again very soon! Next Sunday? or the one after? Thank you.

Today’s was the first concert by the Enterprise Quartet that we have attended. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Please continue offering the public this free entertainment.

Thank you for allowing us to hear this beautiful music in such a glorious setting. Loved the clarity of sound.

Interesting and fun. Nice contrast between pieces. Enjoyed new cello very much (but liked the old cello just as much).

Lovely afternoon concert of Schumann and Mendelssohn – you are all very disciplined and dedicated to your craft. Thank you for an extremely enjoyable musical event.

Very versatile musical selections as well as styles. A wonderful experience that was truly exceptional.

Felix Mendelssohn – only 38 short years. Robert Schumann – only 46 years. Why did they all die so young?

Always enjoy your performances. Thank you.

I enjoyed it a lot! It’s really great to see events like this performed for free and open to the public.

I think the Canzonetta was marvellous!!! I loved the repetition of the different motifs in Schumann String Quartet #1. Enjoyed very much the Scherzo and Adagio!!! Nothing like Schumann adagio!! and I celebrate if he wrote this when he was “down” or because of being “bipolar” : ) Thank you Enterprise : )

Thanks so much for doing the afternoon concerts. Being on my own I do not like going out alone at night. As a senior on a fixed income I really appreciate the free concerts as there is not always the money to attend concerts. City Hall is so easy to get to by city transit.

November 2, 2013 2PM (Whitemud Crossing Library)

Guillaume’s background on the composers and an overview of the music was very informative and made the listening that more enjoyable. What a wonderful afternoon and a great community service.

Thank you. It may be nice to let the audience know about the ‘conventions’ about clapping between movements. I really enjoyed the silence as we moved from one movement to the next in the second quartet. Lovely concert. Thank you.

Very well done! Some commentary and history for the musical pieces on the program would b enjoyable. In the day of the writing, what does pure romantic mean? Excellent! Keep up the music. Thanks you.

Wonderful times for concerts – don’t like them in evening. Music choice – great. Never heart them before.

Great performance – like the commentary! Schumann was tremendous

Superb music from the romantic period! Particularly the Canzonetta, Allegretto and Andante espressivo movement from Mendelssohn’s Quartet No. 1. Thank you!

Amazing! and Wonderful! Appreciate the introductions. Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful performance. It was beautiful : )

Thank you for the free concert. Very enjoyable!

October 24, 2013 12 noon (Edmonton City Hall)

Wonderful playing! Thank you so much for coming into various communities to share your lovely music-making talents. Looking forward to the next fabulous concert.

As usual, this has been pure “food for the soul”. Thanks to all musicians and to Alison for emailing the info to me.

Very good. Continue with types of music.

Absolutely delightful. Thanks you so much for this lovely treat!

Beautiful performance!

Thank you. I would like to hear more.

Splendid again! A wonderful cultural event – keep it up.

Brilliant! Lovely way to spend the lunch hour.

Great show for a lovely noon break! Maybe a barber shop quartet would be possible sometime?! Thanks.

Delightful to hear live music at no cost. Brief explanation of compositions at beginning informative.

The Enterprise Quartet rocks! Thanks for bringing music of this calibre to City Hall for all to enjoy.

Thank you so very much for a beautiful experience.

Thanks so much for this!!

October 23, 2013 12 noon (Horowitz Theatre, U of Alberta)

Thanks for another fine performance.

How fabulous was that? And for free? Wow! Pity the audience was so small! We need to spread the word.

The performance was very well put together!

September 25, 2013, 7:30PM (Edmonton City Hall)

Love it as always! I always enjoy your performances. During I and II of Haydn, sometimes I had a hard time hearing Yue’s quiet motives. LOVED her expressiveness though!

Thank you all for your wonderful performance tonight! Je vous remercie d’avoir donné un concert magnifique ce soir.

Always a treat to hear you play 🙂 Thank you for making these lovely melodies available to hear live.

Lovely. Such a treat. We live only a few minutes walk away and feel very privileged to have heard you tonight! P.S. My husband especially like that you were clearly enjoying yourselves.

September 23, 2013, 12PM (Winspear Centre)

Thank you very much for the concerts. They are a wonderful gift to the community.

Thank you so much. An hour is excellent re: time. Venues close to transit. Enjoyment added to life. Thanks again.

I appreciate your gift today! Beautiful selections and playing. Lovely seating and the ambiance contributed to the music 🙂 Perhaps a sandwich outside to draw people in?

Excellent work. My first time to work like this. It was beautiful whisking me away. I enjoyed Yue Deng’s intensity, what a talent. Also Leanne made me smile as she was enjoying what she was doing.

It was so beautiful. Thank you for making this music available to us!

Beautiful, lively, engaging. Thank you so much for your free noon hour concerts. The acoustics seem better, more intimately resonant in the Winspear lobby rather than City Hall.

The varied venues this year is a great, and good chance, to hear the Enterprise Quartet. The Prussian Quartets @ Winspear will be a remembered favorite.

Thank you so much. I really had a very good time. You guys are so so good. Thank you again.

Appreciate being able to enjoy on my office block downtown. Lovely, beautiful music, skilled musicians. Good acoustics however, would like you to have used the inside space of Winspear.

Fabulous music. Good job. Maybe arrange some for little kids during the day in communities. So little ones may be interested as well.

Magnificent music played by a quartet who obviously enjoy what they do and play – THANK – YOU!

Lovely – a magnificent plan for Edmonton.

Absolutely beautiful.

September 22, 2013, 2PM (Whitemud Crossing, EPL)

It was beautiful playing. Thanks for all the players.

Thank you very much for the amazing concerts. This is our first time at Whitemud library, a nice venue and we didn’t have to worry about where to park!



Great program. Thank you!

This was my first concert and it was very well done. It is a A+ rating. Keep having these concerts please. Excellent. Well done. Encore.

Our first concert at Whitemud Library with our four-year old daughter, but it won’t be our last. The energy from the performers and the choice of music was superb. Thank you.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon concert. We really enjoyed the pieces. Very well played.

This is the first time I watched a quartet so up close. It offered a new perspective of how much more difficulties there were. Excellently done. Very enjoyable. I’d like to listen more to quartet and cello music. Thanks very much for a one hour enjoyment.

September 16, 2013, 7:30PM (Convocation Hall, U of Alberta)

Wonderful choice of music, wonderfully performed. Loved the comments in between.

Very lively performance!

I liked your concert very much.

September 15, 2013, 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

It was “WOW”. Just beautiful.

Excellent concert! We are privileged to have this series!. Thank you.

I was at your concert yesterday at Robertson-Wesley Church and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wow, you are most talented! Thank-you so much for these concerts. I will try to make it out to more, and hopefully my friends will be coming too.


April 24, 2013, 12pm (Edmonton City Hall)

A wonderful concert. We’re catching up to the big cities like London where great concerts can be heard. City Hall is a very good venue.

Thank you for sharing such wonderful music.

It is a privilege to hear this wonderful classical music played by this city’s talented musicians.

As a musical student and occasional teacher I’ve actually never witnessed a string quartet or quintet live! It was pleasant to see the performance. Thank you all and I’ll attempt to attend more in the future!

Beautiful music and fabulous performances!


What a wonderful noon-hour concert! It was great to hear and watch Masha and the Enterprise Quartet play. I think this a great place to perform as it’s very open. People entering/passing by are invited to join the audience. there is no sense of intrusion. I love the open space, where people can feel free to stand at the back and watch. I felt that the quartet sounded slightly muffled while they were playing on the stage (perhaps because it was further away from the audience). I enjoyed the sound much better when they were off the stage (in front of the piano). Acoustically, this made much more sense. the whole ensemble sounded much more as one. and the full-stick worked great! I also loved the choice of repertoire – the program was great! actually, I’d suggest having a couple signs by the elevators to remind the City Hall people to lower their voices during the performance  as their speaking voices always travelled in the open space and audience members were often distracted and turning their head to see who was talking loudly!

April 24, 2013, 7:30pm (Convocation Hall, University of Alberta)

My newly acquired appreciation for quartet and tonight’s piano quintet playing , over the past year, has been thanks to the “Enterprise”! Very helpful to the experience of enjoyment has been the insightful introductions to the works by Professor Tardif and Mark Morrison (on April 24). An extra bonus are the written programs. My fascination with this beautiful genre of music is thanks to the magic concerts you give – looking forward to many more.

Thank you so much for having such wonderful public concerts.

Thank you for the lesser played Tchaikovsky. Arensky! Wonderful!

Can concerts be played on weekends? Week nights are harder for some.

March 29, 2013, 3pm (Good Friday – Haydn Last Words)

Thank you for a very moving performance – I have so appreciated these concerts and am telling others so they can enjoy them too.

I have attended a number of EQ concerts and I thank all involved in making this happen.

Wonderful show!

Thank you for a most enjoyable Good Friday. Very ‘studied’ musicians!

Beautiful sonority, thank you! I missed both Russie I and II, will try to make Russie III

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously. This has touched my soul.

Wonderful (love),

Please continue these wonderful concerts! thank you.

Brilliant and moving, thank you

Excellent, Exciting

Excellent concert! It’s wonderful having the Enterprise Quartet in Edmonton. I come to every concert by them.

I am very happy that I came.

You make music come to life and transport us back in time. Thanks for your time and for sharing your talent!

I am a music illiterate, but when I listen to the four of you perform, it almost seems magical.

March 26, 2013 12pm and 7:30pm (Souvenir de Russie II, City Hall)

Appreciated the concert very much.  If I’d known about it earlier I would have let others know! Thank you very much!

Very enjoyable, thank you. Amazing it’s free.

Excellent, thanks

I am so glad I came tonight! what a fantastic performance. :0 your group energy and chemistry brought so much to your performance. I am not usually big on Haydn but now I am a changed person! I will definitely come back to any future performances. Thank you!

Thanks so very much for improving my quality of life through such exquisite artistry.

Great concert! Last movement of Tchaikovsky was delightful!

Dec 17, 2012 – 12PM and 7:30PM (City Hall)

Beautiful music! I enjoyed the concert very much.

Great it always is! Thanks 🙂 !

Wonderful concert. Great venue. I’m a fan!

That was wonderful. Enjoyed it immensely. What talent. You made my Christmas. Thank you so much. Hope to hear you in the spring. Merry Christmas.

An incredible concert. The musicians are amazing.

Thank you. Ahh. Wonderful.

Thank you for being so generous with your time and your skills. I appreciate your concerts more than I can say.

Great concert! Loved this composition. Any recordings by the Enterprise Quartet?

Most entertaining!

Very nice! You have made me a fan. Way to go!

Thank you! Cello Bravo 🙂

Nice to hear Colin Ryan with the quartet!! 🙂


Very entertaining – pieces I haven’t heard before.

Marvelous! Fantastic!

The best.

Fantastic! Great! Thank you!

Great – keep on having concerts. More also at Whitemud Crossing Library.

Bravo! Keep up the concerts! We enjoy them and appreciate they are FREE!

The Quartet was wonderful. Very enjoyable! Thank you for this concert.

Excellent concerts. I loved them all! Thank you!

Absolutely Awesome!!

Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck in 2013! (Christmas card)

Grand. Beautiful. Very soothing. Would love to see them again.

I enjoyed the performance very much. Great selections, nice intimate venue.

Music was lovely and I enjoyed the performance. However a microphone would have been better because I could not hear the gentleman when he announced the pieces to be played.

Another great performance. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. God bless you. Merry Christmas.

It is very, very wonderful to listen to such nice concerts. to a visitor from China I really appreciate the musicians’ contribution to the people, to the City and to the Christmas Season. Thank You!

Most fantastic. I enjoyed the different pieces, different tempo from the German Masters. Merry Christmas to all.

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music.

Great idea – “open table” type of concert; a little explanation and lovely pieces. Can you repeat the Mozart/Haydn quartets for those missed the beginning?

Absolutely Wonderful! Thank you.

Wonderful to have these performances at noon at City Hall! I suggest you put up posters in nearby office building and residential building as well… Thanks!

Calming and graceful, quite exquisite to hear for first time. I tip my hat to these talented performers, apologies for having to leave early, early bedtime… Keep up the good work guys!

Beautiful music – thank you! Thank you, as well, for advertising your concerts in the LRT, which is how I caught up with you!

Thanks! for all your hard work!

I am glad that you are playing in this space, even though it gives the music an ethereal aspect.

Very Delightful! We enjoyed both pieces and also thought your intermission interpretation was peaceful, thought-provoking and different enough from the other pieces to offer a satisfying break. Thank you!

November 25, 2012 – 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

Mozart #13 – exquisite, conveyed the karness that sometimes ‘infected’ Wolfie’s early music. Lovely balance throughout. Beethoven #16 – Lovely 2nd movement, 3rd mvt was ‘tenderness in sound’ – superb! Just 32 hours in Edmonton, glad to have given 1 hr to hear you. Lovely (UK).

We thank you for such a beautiful opportunity! Quite wonderful indeed. We look forward to enhancing our music knowledge. thank you once again.

Really great. Really enjoyed the performance.

Beautiful performance by four very talented musicians. A please to watch and listen to, and their faced reflected their passion, joy, and love of the music they are playing! Bravo!!

A wonderful series of quartets. Thank you.

PLEASE!!! Bring CD’s to buy for next time!


This has been a fabulous concert series!

We have attended all but one of the Sunday Concerts. What wonderful music!! Thank you for sharing your talents and skills!!

It was a wonderful time in winter. Hope there will be often concert holding in the near future!! 🙂

Thank you for such an enjoyable experience – I am truly inspired. I am a young musician about to begin my education on my journey to become a professor and develop my voice as a soprano. Thank you again for sharing your talent.

Thank you – as always. Though I must say I have had my appetite for Mozart and Beethoven perhaps too richly served and consumed. I look forward to programs in 2013 with more modern (even avant garde and experimental) included. Perhaps one of each (traditional respected masters and then something very new or unconventional and wild or provocative).

November 20, 2012 – 2PM (Stollery Children’s Hospital)

Beautiful music.

Canon, dynamics, blending, not downing anyone out, perfect time (breathing to keep tempo and cue in), staccato vs. legato very clear, shifts from part A to part B etc. clear and smooth.

Inspiring – revives good memories – fantastic.

Love you.

Powerful, allegro, entertaining, nice music, fast, soft, exciting, the harmony was very nice to listen to.

Soft, beautiful, peaceful, dance, fun, music, inspire, love, sharp, unique.

All in sync, family, melody, beautiful, dancing, eccentric, talent, heal, lull me to rest, french, calm, rolling hills, ballroom, splendid, simple, melody, building suspense, royalty, long strokes, tiny details. You were splendid.

The Tchaikovsky was perfect in every respect. Solidarity amongst players. “solo” prominences/moments. The “story” itself moving – (i.e. what I heard for myself like a bedtime “adult” story). Borodin, more chaotic to my ears – disorderly. I like avante garde etc. but something here not my link. Happy New 2013 and may we en joy music together again.

November 19, 2012 – 7:30PM (EPL Whitemud Crossing)

What a performance! I really enjoyed tonight. Music was so beautiful, and your quartet inspired me visually through sounds. Thank you! I love Wonderful EQ playing. A great conversation….with good end of story…

November 11, 2012 – 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

A staggering performance of incredible clarity and power. Preceded by the Op. 130 Cavatina to establish the composer’s original connection between the movements.

A staggering performance this afternoon of Op. 133. I have added the animated score for my readers here:

Dear Enterprise Quartet, you played a beautiful set today. I especially loved the Cavatina and the Grosse Fuge.

November 6, 2012 – 12 noon (Edmonton City Hall)

Wonderful music! The musicians are involved in the musical world. We are involved in it, too. Thanks for your music. Thanks for your concert.

Really great performance. You blend really well together and sound great. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

I prefer the Mozart. The Beethoven piece was too long for a noon performance.

I found it very enjoyable. Keep up the Good Music!!

A great activity to calm the nerves and treat a headache.


Great Performance. It was indeed full of emotions and energy… Thank you all.

It’s amazing! The music is played by just four instruments. It brings us a feeling of spring. It is so charming that I’ll come again in Dec. according to the schedule.

Another superb performance today, and at Robertson-Wesley on Sunday. It is remarkable music that strives, strives. When the 1st violin and the ‘cello, high in its register, play that theme together twice in the final movement’s coda, it is almost unearthly. I am still looking for those extra beats, by the way, in the minuetto, so will go back to the score to see if I can find them. I thought I heard them today, but I may have been convincing myself. Very beautiful. Very touching. Thank You 🙂

November 4, 2012 – 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

Excellent. Please continue this project. I follow it up and will bring others.

That must be like what it sound like in heaven!!

Both works unfamiliar to me. The Beethoven was that British Isles influence I heard – 1st Scottish bagpipes (lovely), then something Celtic, then English jig and air! Countryside, Romanticism à la Wordsworth. And a happy lively ending. Thank you. Looking forward to the next time.

Great music. Very well played. I enjoyed it.

My first concert. Beautifully moving, strings sounded like gorgeous voices, lovely venue with such character, glad to see such good turnout, 85-90 by my count.

October 23, 2012 – 12PM (Edmonton City Hall)

A note to pass on my thanks and appreciation for the concert today at noon at City Hall… Just lovely, really enjoyed it – incredible music, extremely talented musicians..!! What a great break in the middle of the work day. I will surely be attending the others offered at noon at City Hall… Won’t be able to make the afternoon or evening events, please consider having more of these types of events during the lunch hour. I look forward to the next one.

Beautiful music. Thank you for the great performance. I loved to watch the complexity of the bowing and fingering.

My parents and I thoroughly enjoyed the music that you all played. It was really relaxing for us to hear… Your hard work and good synchronization were clearly evident. Thanks for playing for us.

Wonderful concert. Beautiful surroundings. Good setting.

It was beautiful. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. God bless you.

Thank you once again. The Mozart selection – brilliant as sunlight to full feeling and insight. The Quartet clearly loving it also. The Beethoven selection – found a bit awkward, as if the effort monumental on his part. Was he more deaf in right ear? I even have sense a mini-stroke may have contributed to this “right lobe”, right ear, not-quite-getting-there feeling. Hard to describe. Left ear fully engaged, right ear left wanting more definition. The Enterprise Quartet has so contributed to the quality of my life – I thank your sponsors (and composers!). P. S. I like the contrast of the “youthful” creation beside “late life” creation.

Very well done! Very enjoyable.

Encore please.


Very enjoyable concert – appreciate the opportunity to hear great music by great performers. One minor “complaint”: could you use a different format for the dates on the season schedule (back of programme). I think 23rd Oct or Oct 23rd is simpler to decipher at a glance than the 10.23 you currently use (for example).

Very much appreciated music and lunch at City Hall.

My wife and I convey our appreciation to you and your Quartet colleagues for yesterday’s exceptional performances of the Mozart K 170 and the Beethoven. I was particularly taken by the delicacy and élan in the performance of the Mozart, such as the exquisite passage in octaves for the violins that closes the first section of the adagio. And as to the Beethoven, well, what can one really say in ordinary words? What I got anew from the performance, whose opening fugal complexity set the work’s level of intensity, was a better appreciation of the extraordinary architecture of the piece, in particular the referential passages in the finale to the quartet’s opening motif, and the rhythmic generation of the scherzo and the finale from the 16th note figuration in the ‘cello in the 9/4 variation. And the lusinghiero variation did, indeed, coax. How else to get to those remarkable suspensions of movement in the Allegretto that follows to bring forward the semplice atmosphere in the 9/4 adagio? I also became better consciously aware of the shift between the cloudy harmonies that often permeate the propulsion of the finale, but which are increasingly contrasted with a harmony that evokes clarity, thus allowing the work to conclude, if not with affirmation, certain with a resolute steadfastness. I am not a professional musician, but, really, it is quite wonderful to become aware of such things in a work one had been listening to over the last 4 decades.

October 20, 2012 – 4PM (Edmonton Public Library – Whitemud Crossing)

I really enjoyed today’s concert – what a wonderful way to spend an hour! Thank you for sharing your talent and time!

Thank you so much. Each part played so well and so well played together.

Enjoyed the concert. Late Beethoven is a challenge – well played!

Hello! Thank you very much for the concert. It was lovely. I have few opportunities to listen to live classical music and I enjoyed it greatly. That sure was Beethoven! Wow.

Thank you for a wonderful performance! Please come again soon… 🙂

Great to have a chance in a casual setting to introduce my kids to string music.

October 18, 2012 – 8PM (City Hall, Canadian Society for 18th-century Studies Conference)

Thanks so much for that wonderful concert. It was a treat to hear such interesting music, contextualized historically.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Scottish was so bagpipe. Pleasant surprise to have a tenor.

Thank you.

Very enjoyable to see these young folks perform.

October 7, 2012 – 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

Thank you to the Quartet for today’s concert, which was superb. I hope to take in the recapitulation at City Hall. I’ve put a brief review of the cycle to date on my website:

Beautiful program! Great performance! Each instrument sounded so magnificent on its own and such good sonority when playing together. Thank you so much.

Thank you and your fellow musicians for that wonderful concert last Sunday.

Thank you for the wonderful music! Thank you for making music accessible (i.e., affordable) to everybody! My kids and I had a good time.

September 18, 2012 – noon and 7:30PM (Edmonton City Hall)

It was great. We are members of a few clubs at MacEwan. We will be sure to invite them.

You are wonderful. So in sync! I loved it.

Another incredible performance. It was too hot to HANDEL.

Well done!!

That was beautiful. Thank you so much. With everything that’s going on at work and at home, I needed this ‘me’ time.

It is obvious that these musicians are artists! The music was very beautiful and inspiring. It went well with the yellow leaves dancing in the wind outside!

Very passionate playing. Beautiful acoustics. Great group sound. Fabulous bowing 🙂 Very complicated fingering techniques. Thank you for playing such wonderful music. I really enjoyed the concert. You all are extraordinary musicians. It’s a joy to listen to you all and to watch you play.

The Cavatina was exquisite, very moving. I appreciate Tardif introducing the pieces. Though the members are more experienced this year, they feel less connected to each other.

The concert was wonderful! You can tell you have great communication with each other and really enjoy what you do. I hope the best for you in the years to come. I’m a music student in Caracas, Venezuela.

An illuminating and delightful concert! The previous seating arrangement was well explained as something that came naturally, but today’s appeals to my sense of logic. New insights into both Mozart and Beethoven.

Wonderful! It was a joy to ‘discover’ this series – most especially as a break in an otherwise stressful day. Thank you! the 5th movement of the Beethoven piece was especially heart breaking.

I enjoyed this concert immensely – especially Beethoven’s II Presto. Thank you Guillaume for the interesting program notes pertaining to the works. A privilege to share in this music you all performed for us today. Thank you! I look forward to hearing more works by Mozart and Beethoven.

Greetings from Belize, California. Visiting your city and had the privilege to listening to these wonderful pieces of Mozart and Beethoven. I enjoyed mostly the Andante and Allegro pieces of both. Is there anyway that a piano be added? We have a music school. The Belize Chamber Group… occasionally we host musicians from England and New York. We would love to have your Quartet visit us in the near future. You were excellent!!!! Lovely City.

It is so wonderful how you can take the 2-D beauty of the notes on a page and translate it into the exquisite 3D music we hear. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much!!! You are all so gifted!

Wonderful. Sensational. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Thank you!! The two composers and selections complement one another like friends. The Beethoven work I found interestingly ‘visual’, as if in a way he’s transposing the visual ‘scenery’ (and his meditative last thoughts) around him towards the end of his life here, to record his impressions musically as one might by works in a diary or conversation. A touching rendition by the Quartet, especially of V Cavatina. Both selections accessible to a variety of audience participants. The acoustic here is not ideal for nay performance or talk but the space is airy and lovely and easy to get to, so that more than balances the ‘public’ nature of the space.

It is difficult to find stuff on-line it should be easy to access online. Of the verbage – of what you play can be made available – it is easy to co-relate the music.

September 16, 2012 – 2PM (Robertson-Wesley United)

I was often much moved by the Op 130 this afternoon. It is the for the first time that I have heard the first violinist take the Beklemmt section of the Cavatina pp leading to the sotto voce as it is written – as it were both beneath and within the accompaniment, and not above it. For it is a movingly tragic acceptance of what has come about and is unalterable. And my goodness you have such fine colleagues.

Wonderful music. Favorite was the Cavatina in the second part. 1st part I enjoyed the Andante.

The recital was wonderful. I especially loved LvB’s finale. It required great virtuosity on the part of the players.

I liked it very much! Haven’t seen many classical concerts so appreciated the introductions. The finale was exciting!

September 11, 2012 – 7:30 PM (Edmonton City Hall)

Excellent performance in a beautiful venue. This is the way chamber music should be enjoyed. A memorable musical evening. Thank you!

Thank you for showcasing your time and talents tonight. I hope you continue to reach out to more people in the city of Edmonton with your beautiful music. You HANDELed it well!

Music history comes alive, who can ask for more? Thank you very much!

Fantastisch! I enjoyed this concert from beginning to end and I’m looking forward to the next concert.

Loved the Beethoven Adagio!!!

I listened to your concert at City Hall (where I work during the day) and I wanted to send you a note saying that you sounded absolutely beautiful. I was elated and moved by the performance.

Thank you for your wonderful performance at Robertson-Wesley 09.09.12 Great Music, Wonderful Musicians. I will be back to see you play again!

Great time, Great Music, Wonderful Musicians. I will be back to see you play again!

September 11, 2012 – 12 PM (Edmonton City Hall)

I love string quartet repertoire. Great work. Keep it up.

The members of this quartet complement each other with poise and balance. The harmony between the players was exquisite. It’s my first concert at City Hall. The contrast between light and shadow made a perfect setting especially for Mozart’s Andante.

A splendid start to a promising season. Thank you!

I love the conversational pieces the best. Thank you so much for such beautiful music.

I am new to this music. Thank you.

Magnifique! Les sélections étaient bien appréciées ainsi que les commentaires sur leurs histoires. Bravo!

September 9, 2012 (Robertson-Wesley United Church)

Mozart – what color! What tender story-telling! Beethoven – what depth, what sonorous complexity! Thank you! The contrast very interesting. Nice to have Mr. Pilon back. Mr. Tardif – the scholarly humanism of your introductions always enhance my participation and enjoyment.

Wow!! Très bien!!

Prof. Tardif might be asked, please, to speak more slowly and louder; otherwise not all in the audience can benefit from hearing his interesting an informative introductions. Considering how beautifully the quartet performs, the concert seemed all too short!

April 30, 2012 (Winspear, Wirth ‘Lobkowicz Series’, IV)

I am Very sorry I do Not have much strength of heart to make it many places that would benefit my life…. But I wanted to say I was at the Stanley Milner Library downtown and was lucky enough to Witness the Brilliance of Beauty which resonates from your group’s presence through the music you play. Thank You Very much for that experience and I hope very much to one day again soon hear you play.

Absolutely beautiful music on this last day of April. To see the performers’ concentration and embodying this gorging music is very much appreciated. A very satisfying lunch hour with food for the heart and soul from a musical genius. Thank you. Lovely to see as many people in attendance (including many children)

Great playing!

Ah! so wonderful to experience the full vitality and much increased intensity and synchronicity with the new members of the quartet. I guess all relationships take time, thank you. What a spectacular turnout may this happen again in future so we can have more more more! The Beethoven selections were great – especially for the young students, I think.

Thank you very much indeed! It’s always a pleasure to attend these concerts. Dr Sabo’s lecture was superb.

More Beethoven please!

The flow between musicians and their instruments was seamless. Bravo!

Fabulous concerts!

I thought the first two movements of LVB’s C minor quartet were played too fast. (EQ: It is possible, but we look at tempi from the perspective of meter: Allegro ma non tanto in 2 will feel faster than the same in 4; the second movement 3/8, we read it as 1 beat per bar).

The speech part was too long; and the spoken word is not clearly heard. (EQ: as advertised, the short lecture is integral part of this research project – we planned for 10-12 minutes of introductory remarks; we are considering adding a microphone for future presentations to insure clear understanding of the lecturer’s words).

April 6, 2012 (Good Friday at City Hall and Robertson-Wesley Church)

Just perfect! Thank you. Looking forward to your concert on April 30.

We really enjoyed th beautiful, flowing music to celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice and arising again to live forever and save us eternally as his children. Thank you for sharing your skills with us this Easter.

Thank you! a wonderful event for Good Friday.

Good concert, excellent

Capital performance! Elegant music! Balanced sound! Exquisite Music!

It is so lovely that you have these free concerts with such beautiful music. Thank you to all who put their energies into this.

Wonderful concert, and in a great space acoustically. Hope to hear you here again.

Great performance! This music was played in a totally inspiring way!

Absolutely exquisite music – such a wonderful way to reflect on the Good Friday story!

What a beautiful service. The music was beautiful. I feel reborn again. Thank you. Wow I feel so cleansed

Mar 25, 2012 (Winspear, Wirth Lobkowicz Series, III)

Simply Fantastico!

The disciplined harmony between the 1st violin and viola, 2nd violin and cello were especially striking. The menuetto and andante reminded of German ‘Volklieder’. Most enjoyable.

Mar 23, 2012 (Winspear, Octets with the UCalgary Quartet)

It was a wonderful concert

Overall lovely =) The first part maybe went on a bit long, but the Mendelssohn was really great. Wonderful group of musicians =)

I found the first set especially daunting – loved the first violin and 2nd cello. Felt the octet was tight and well-disciplined. True Joy to hear such cleverly played sets.

Thank you!!


The best concert Ever!

It was very good! Thank you.

Wonderful! more please.

Thank you, that was wonderful.

Fabulously contrapuntally interwoven refined musical ‘tapestry’, with great tonal balance and superb dynamics. Memorable the Enescu Octet. Great ensemble playing in the Mendelssohn Presto. I propose further auspicious collaborations. Congratulations!

Great venue and selection of music. It is nice to see you have eye contact and see you smile!

The first piece did not engage me, less accessible, also better heard from further afield, it is not a piece for an intimate setting but interesting because of its ‘dissonance’ or ‘non-category’. I also felt it must be a very difficult piece to achieve synchrony amongst musicians who do not play regularly together. The 2nd piece, I liked. It is of course more conventional or accessible, more typical of classical and familiar music. Also much more suited to an intimate gathering. As always, I thank you heartfully for these concerts. What a difference they make in my life! I look forward to Monday’s Wirth sponsored concert.

Holy Spiccato!! That was magnificent. Thank you for inviting the Calgarians.

Absolutely delightful! Riveting performance. I don’t know if it was intentional but I loved that you were wearing colours that complimented the painting in the lobby =) Excellent repertoire choice and fine, fine execution! Thank you!

Love it!! Hope to have more octets in the future. The location is good also. Wonderful idea! Great music! Let’s have more!

This was such a lovely performance! Is there anything more beautiful than passion? Thank you!

Lovely music – I love the violins! Thanks so much for bringing such lovely music to a dreary winter day.

Bravo! Let’s have more of this!

Fantastic! surprised at first that the performance was not in the main hall, say, but this turned out to be much better. Natural light, I think. If anything, however, I could have loved a little more volume. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Excellent, had a lot of fun.

Great performance!!!! Mesmerizing and enchanting. The group played wonderfully together and such and energy! Thanks!! =)

Mar 15, 2012 (Edmonton City Hall)

A splendid concert, worthy of a bigger and better audience. The acoustic (incidental noises aside) is remarkably flattering to the instruments – could be a recording venue? Many thanks for all your work.

Op. 18 #1. I loved hearing about the correlation of the French Revolution and Beethoven. Dr. Tardif’s comments helped in order to know what to listen for in the Quartet. Thank you for increasing my enjoyment of the Quartet! Hope to hear many more by the “Enterprise”.

Excellent. Well done. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thank you Enterprise Quartet for an amazing concert and thank you Alberta Community Foundation and Alberta Foundation for the Arts for funding these amazing Alberta musicians.


Repertoire chosen – excellent contrast between the Haydn and Beethoven. Nice to see University students playing chamber music at a concert (instead of just at University for juries). In order to draw a bigger audience, need to let public know farther ahead; getting it listed in the Journal’s “What’s On” and Vue Magazine may help. Encouraged to see people who seemed to be passing through City Hall stop and listen.

Feb. 23, 2012 (Stanley Milner Library)

Today, I listened with my eyes, that is, my eyes told my ears what to attend to. Your facial expressions, body movements, the rise and fall of your bows, and your communication and cuing tell me where to listen. That’s why a concert like this is so special – because I can see and hear and even feel the music. Thank you for being here and playing/making such beautiful music.

Great idea to have a concert at a public library – hopefully, introduce some to chamber music (which they may not be familiar with). Hope more can be done in future. Like idea of having some university students performing – great way for them to experience they joy of performing chamber music in a concert. Repertoire choices excellent. 1st violinist’s facial expression and gestures helpful to direct audience’s attention. He really seemed to be enjoying himself (as opposed to this just being another performance). Liked the succinct comments prior to performance of each work.

Absolutely brilliant.

Came in at 12:45PM for 2nd last song till the end. Very good!

Magnificent performance! Very passionate.

The ‘poorest’ person on earth could feel like the ‘richest’ person on earth when listening to Enterprise Quartet play, being present with the excellence and clear love of music and playing. And by poorest/richest I mean not only economic but spiritual, emotional, and in opportunity. I often wish we could access all the ‘poorest’ among us to get them into all the fine and often free concerts in Edmonton. This is a gift as precious as a ‘food bank’. Idea – an arts/music ‘food’ bank where people in need could come for free tickets and info re: free access to music/arts/dance, etc.

I listen to the instruments in conversation that is rich, nuanced, lively and I love the way the musicians listen so attentively to each other…always the incredible harmony.

Great work. Fantastic!!

In the Eflat, the ‘Minuetto’, owed more to the Landler than to the traditional minuet. Now that you have pointed it out, it is kind strange how flat is brighter than sharp.

Great chamber to hear this, small, low ceiling, great acoustics. Although the lead violin gets the most interesting and plentiful elaborations, I love chamber music because it allows me to hear each player’s part and each instrument’s timbre and sonority and the various aspects of interplay clearly.

I enjoy this music for the atmosphere, mood, and time it reflects. In this case I think of Regency England and my favorite author, Jane Austen. In enjoy LIVE music for the opportunity to watch you communicate with each other!

Thank you for a beautiful performance. I am gaining a new appreciation for quartet playing. I loved the cello part in the Haydn, ditto for the 1st violin in the Beethoven – but then what would they be without the viola and 2nd fiddle. Bravi everyone! Can’t wait to hear the Mendelssohn Octet in March.

Among string instruments, the cello is my favorite, but when played in a quartet it is the blending of notes and the melodic line I most listen for. The small number enables the listener to appreciate the virtuosity of each, and the ??? centre of the Library certainly enables each to be heard well. The acoustics are very good as a small venue for music! I enjoyed the program chosen.

I like how the viola, which has a rather boring part, played it with interest and feeling. Enjoyed your enthusiasm and I hope you continue so I can hear you in the Banff Quartet Competition. Thank you.

Nov. 28, 2011 (Wirth Lobkowicz Series, II)


🙂 wow!

Frankly, I’m impressed.

Absolutely fantastic! Need say no more.

Excellent – wonderful lunch break.

Wonderful music, but the locale is too echo-y. Very grateful for this series.

Magnifique! Élevant! Good midday uplifting! Merci de votre contribution à la vie.

Nov. 7, 2011 (Wirth Lobkovicz Series, I)

Liked sound in this venue. Sun may have made the cellist’s life difficult – way it was hitting her at times. Wonderful repertoire. Dr. Szabo’s introductory remarks – interesting, succinct, could hear him clearly at back. New director of Wirth Institute needs to speak louder – hard to hear him at back.

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you. I was in tears.

I greatly enjoyed the performance. The lecture that preceded it tied into our current music history discussion.

I am one of the many faithful fans of the enterprise Quartet and have attended and enjoyed all its performances since the fall of 2009. I am very glad that the Enterprise Quartet is back for the 2011-2012 season and being supported by the Wirth Institute and AFA in partnership with the Winspear Centre, EPL and CBC Radio Canada. Thank you for a most inspiring noon hour concert today. I am looking forward to the Concert II.

Haydn is always a winner – especially when presented with such verve and skill.

Bravo! Most enjoyable. Awesome! Lovely programme! Brilliant players!

What a wonderful selection/theme! Thank you to the musicians and the sponsor. It is also nice to see new players with the Quartet welcomed. Again, thank you. PS. Nice to see smiles and eye contact among the players!

Wow. I really like you, your performances, collaboration. Especially ‘entered’ III, Menuetto: Presto of No. 66 in G major. Thank you, also, Wirth Institute as sponsor (I miss the Enterprise Square performances). all we need is more publicity – I found out only at last minute through my cousin who rec’d email from Wirth (I don’t have e-acccess). I hope funds are found for more advance advertising (e.g. Friday newspaper) – the ‘upcoming’ leaflet also really helps.

Dec. 7, 2010 (Schubert with cellist Tanya Prochazka and singers Jodi Penner and Mark Wilkinson).

Truly hope we can continue enjoying more concerts next year. EQ is THE best idea ever in Edmonton. I’ve been living in this city for the past 11 years and now I feel like being home… every time I ride the LRT to come to se you guys. Looking forward to the Adagio in the Quintet in C. Thank you very much for this and the previous concerts. BRAVO!!

The thoughtful and accomplished performances of the EQ (of which I have now heard a fair number) have never failed to please. They significantly enrich the musical life of Edmonton. A splendid gift of the University to the community.

FANTASTIC! a GREAT performance of Schubert’s greatest works. BRAVO!

An outstanding performance

Excellent performance! Why not hold concerts at a more usual time and charge admission?

Please let the U Of A Music Department I would like them to continue supporting your work

My first concert! but hopefully not my last! Please do everything possible to make this series happen again in 2011

These concerts are excellent, truly something to be cherished about working downtown! Excellent choice with Schubert – perhaps a concert of fugues might be fun? many thanks again for running these concerts, do keep them up!

Please keep these concerts going. I am a U of A grad and donor and appreciate very much (signed).

Live music, YEAH!!! MORE MORE MORE

Wonderful, wonderful concert. Guest cellist was absolutely marvelous. singers were terrific. More, more, more!

The EQ concerts are fantastic, intense, beautiful, intimate, a wonderful and complete aesthetic experience. i feel privileged to have heard them and hope to hear many more.

These concerts make our city more liveable, more sophisticated and more lovely. what a treat today was.

Quartettsatz, brilliant performance, the harmonies are just incredible. Songs: totally inspiring! Quintet: absolutely stunning!

Fabulous! More PLEASE!

Thrilling performance. Please continue these concerts

Just Grand! Ambitious, most enthusiastic

The U of A does not do many community outreach in terms of music let this venture continue. I have seen how these have become invaluable. Do continue.

Please continue the EQ concerts. very relaxing after a hard days’ work downtown

The EQ is incredible. So accessible to the new lover of classical music, who is intimidated by large halls. the vocalists at this performance were a welcome addition to the always stellar programs. I heartily look forward to the next series, hoping there is one.

What a lovely treat. for another enjoyable presentation, thank you!

Thank you for making such a beautiful music! can’t wait to hear more. Great idea for seniors. A

“Please Sir, may i have some more.”

Please continue to post concert date and time at Starbucks on Jasper Thank you!

I spent great time!!! I’d like to come and listen to the excellent music. Bravo!!!

Very nice to have the beautiful voices of the young people. I would love to have more of these concerts! I just learned of them in time to take in two, those two were great. How wonderful to hear Tanya Prochazka at a free concert. If there were to be more, I would certainly promote them in my ESL class for senior citizens. Thanks for the information during the program, written and spoken.

Thank you for the wonderful music. hope there will be more concerts

Thank you for the opportunity of listening to such delightful music – sincerely

Excellent selections and rich in the performers. I have come to most of your concerts and am sorry that this is the end of your endeavour. What can be done to continue these concerts. Thanks to all!

Wonderful surprise to learn about your concert in the afternoon and free too! excellent musicians. Thank you. including students wonderful idea, what a treat to hear them. When arriving at the airport this afternoon, I picked up a what’s happening paper and saw your advertisement. Thanks

Bravo!! absolutely stunning music performance! This has been a great learning just by coming. Please let them continue.

Oretis Boogymebms louzas Myuzorkel!!!! Cepreso Bepa

Excellent! I would love to see more events like this. I makes classical music more accessible to the average person.

This program should be continued forever and become a tradition in Edmonton!!!

Your music was awesome!!! I would be good if you had more info about your free concerts (publicity) we’d like to see more.

Wonderful experience!! Thank you. I hope to enjoy next fall once again!

To whom it may concern: The EQ has been a source of great joy for me. They are all first-class musicians and I hope and pray that they will be able to continue. I hope someday there will be CDs available.

This concert was FANTASTIC! those events are a wonderful chance to see live musical talent! I sincerely hope they continue for a long time to come.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to hear top caliber live music. We look forward to each concert. It is wonderful to draw a big crowd on this cold December night.

Incredible, Fantastic performance provided by this quartet and guests. It is amazing they have provided their artistry and talents available to those who live and visit the U of A downtown. These performers are worthy of as much support as they can receive and would be an amazing asset for the folks at City Hall Downtown businesses, residents of downtown and outlying areas to continue to enjoy and support.

The concert was wonderful. I felt they were playing just for me. I was obvious everyone performing was enjoying themselves to the hilt. Now that i have learned about these concerts. I hope to attend every one, Please keep it going.

Thank you what a fine concert a pleasure to hear the young students featured with university and symphony professionals. the full hall on a cold winter day attests to the enthusiasm for this program. please keep the concerts coming.

Wonderful concert please keep them going very enthusiastic group.

This was a great event in a great venue, thank you for putting this on.

What a great idea! and a lovely treat too. made my quick visit to Edmonton extra special.

Enterprise String Quartet is outstanding! What a great opportunity to have such an intimate hour of music. Guest vocalists were a great addition. I hope to hear more in the future. Thank you!

Great and wonderful to hear mature musicians working with talented your people. please continue.

Edmonton is proud to be known as a sports area. Some of us appreciate the finer things in life. The Enterprise Quartet is a good needed example of classical music that can be reached in the afternoon by people with limited time and funds.

As a music lover and frequent concert-goer, I very much appreciate the opportunity to hear one more fine musical group perform in the city’s downtown. I can only enhance the reputation of the University music Department to have free, hour-long, public performance in its city core location. These fine musicians deserve all possible support at every level. I hope these concerts may continue (and in the daytime!)

It was great! please Continue to support this quartet program at Enterprise Square. Thanks!.

Great concert! I hope to hear many more, as it gets Better and Better!

Great concert. would like to see more next year, really lovely Schubert

I cannot believe such a beautiful, inspiring concert could be given to us free of charge, just from the unknown sponsors who want to share their love of music with me, and all the others who were lifted above the cares of this world. I am so thrilled to have been able to hear this group and watch them live the music with their hearts and souls. I hope we can have more marvelous music. THANK YOU!

It was lovely. Please support more concerts of this kind.

Nov. 23, 2010

We like an introduction of the players and an explanation/discussion or story of the reasons for the choices. Well done.

Sizzling hot! simply marvelous! This venue much better for listening than being in the main foyer with all those distracting sounds.

Comments from the quartet are welcome, to be able to hear the thoughts and opinions of people, is so inspiring. Great playing.

I heard the music of the spheres – Thank you. what an exceptional experience.

Dear All, I enjoyed the Haydn and Schubert very much and I look forward to the concert on Dec. 7.

Than you for having these string quartet concerts, music of my favorite kind. The Haydn was delightful in its various moods and complete lyricism. The emotions and beautiful melodies of the Schubert were very moving. I appreciated the different moods in the two pieces – nice to have variety.

Just beautiful! Thank you for giving us music for the heart and soul.

Awesome performance. we’ll be sure to catch your next!!

A truly stunning performance which took me through a wide range of emotions. thank you!

Lovely event – i liked the more public venue better but still enjoyable performance. After work timing is a perfect way to wind down. Thanks!

Nov 3, 2010


This is one of my favorite quartets. Another nice one is Dvorak American. Very nice – a great venue and a great performance.

Children attending:

It was the best.

I think the song was awesome!!

I loved the quartet. It brings out the sound of music.

I liked how all the music was soothing and relaxing and how then it got fast at some points then it got slow at the end of a song.

Your concert was amazing. Passion, sequence. Performance was unbelievable.

Very long but very nice!!

I love your music. It was amazing.

The music was good, and perfect – also it was soft.

Your show was really great and perfect and I loved it.

You are perfect for a symphony. Very long and nice. U rock.

You guys are awesome. I enjoyed everything. Thank you for putting on an awesome show.

Your show was perfect.

U rock. Perfect. Very log but nice.

July 12, 2010

Great Concert, THANKS!

It was great for everyone.

Well synchronized, beautiful. Everyone played well.

Loved the plucked piece. You are all very alive while you are playing, which makes it interesting to watch. it was really good!

The fusion of melodies is smooth and beautiful. The quartet did an incredible job of leading me through the emotions of the music.

Very musical and entertaining. Makes me wish i had learned to play a string instrument. I loved it.

Thank you for the beautiful music. it is an inspiration to listen to you play. thank you.

i really enjoyed your music, it was marvelous, and i enjoyed and appreciated the introduction before each piece. thumbs up.

Great concert. Beethoven was fantastic!

Nice introduction sets the tone. humor, anticipation. I liked the infobits, spirited. excellent selection of repertoire. The concert was fun, textured, interesting, engaging, lots of expression. very personable, loved it. your group has a youthful energy.

June 24, 2010

Wow! The romantic is exciting!

What a treat! Thank you for such a wonderful Music experience.

Very exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Please continue with the concerts. This is a great time. It sparks my imagination.

First and foremost, thank you for having these concerts. Second, love the venue. Very pleasant evening. *Perhaps a café atmosphere for after?

Loved it! Thanks. The explanations at the beginning of each piece made it so much easier to know what to look for. I liked how the program had a bit of everything: joy, sadness, anger, comedy. Look forward to next time!

Please keep playing. Some Mozart please!

Lovely and stirring. G, very entertaining and wonderful in his passion. Thank you!!

You will never know how much your recitals are increasing my pleasure and wisdom. Your inspiration is such a true blessing to me. Congratulations again and thank you!

Your music made me long to have a group such as yours practice in my cathedral ceiling attic space. That would be a delight.

Fantastic! Thanks!

This concert was lovely! (as all the others) I wish I would be able to have a recording to listen home of such fine musicians. Thank you very much!

Excellent as usual. Please add note about next concerts so that we can forward the information to friends and neighbours.

The music was amazing! I loved all the pieces, with preferences for Brahms, Beethoven, Mendelssohn. I liked the way the different parts were bowed around between all the instruments.

I enjoyed the Art of the Fugue. It is very interesting and a good selection! I loved the Beethoven, which was wonderful! It is very fun and incredibly well-played. The Mendelssohn was very good as well, especially the Scherzo. It was great. I have greatly enjoyed these concerts! I hope it continues.

Wish Tuesdays worked for me. A very enjoyable evening, what a treat!! (my first time)

Totally fantastic! How fortunate we are to have you.

May 11, 2010

Such a wonderful presentation – so rich. Thank you. Thank you.

March 23, 2010

I was enormously pleased to accidentally come upon the poster for today’s concert while at City Hall. The performance was magnificent… I value illuminating the connection between music and well being. This has heightened my interest! Many thanks!

It was great! Thanks! 🙂

This has been a fabulous series! Thank you so much.

Thank you for the lovely music from Mendelssohn and Brahms. Music heals, enlightens, and helps to relax… Continue to give music hours every month throughout the year and ask for donations. Thank you for the words spoken by Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean

Thanks! i enjoyed today’s program!!

Feb 16, 2010

Yet another terrific concert.

Thank you for your additive and concise music education. many, many thanks for the wonderful music

What excellent FUN! it is wonderful seeing musicians having so much fun as they play. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

A real treat, the musicians played wonderfully. The Beethoven piece was amazingly done.

Very, very enjoyable. Bravo!

I did love! I think I won’t go back to Brazil! Just amazing! congratulations to you all!

Thank you for the short, verbal introductions of Haydn and Beethoven. The music was wonderful and clear, very enjoyable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I enjoyed the two works so much. There was a family in the first row and the children were so good so you must have done something special that you could have the attention of children so young.

Great performance, very talented musicians, and a great opportunity to share classical music with all kinds of audience.

Sounds great! Although I love the Germanic repertoire, I would be nice to hear a more varied representation of styles.

Fantastic concert! Thank you! What a privilege to have such talent in Edmonton!

Absolutely wonderful. Never have seen musicians play with such happiness and ‘live’ music to the fullest. Thank you!!

The introductions to both pieces were much appreciated. Great to have an educational component!

This is a wonderful gift. thank you so very much.


Great! we need more of these concerts!

Jan 19, 2010

They played with feeling, and beauty, fully. Congratulations!

It was very good. I enjoy the concert very much. It so nice to come to this. It so easy for to get to as living down town.

You guys should play my Quartet when I finish it 🙂

What a lovely concert! Thank you so much for doing this.

Great concert. Some notes were not heard from the cello. Just be calm in playing the instruments since the music is about happiness, joy, life above all. Thanks and great concert.

What a privilege! A terrific series; thank you so much!

Wonderful performances. I have attended most of them and look forward to the next season. Thanks, and keep up this good work and gift to us.

A bright gem in a glowing ember of the downtown. An unrecognized reason for choosing to live downtown.

Wonderful! The downtown community is so lucky to have these concerts. Thanks.

Wonderful performance! More, please. Thank you to all involved.

Very beautiful music. It was obvious how much the musicians enjoyed playing for all of us. There was a great deal of soul in it. Thank you!

Nov 24, 2009

Thank you so much – you made a challenging day sweeter. Yes! To public concerts anyone can stop to hear. Lovely.

Wonderful presentations!

Enjoyed it lots and the fact that it’s waking up the downtown. Keep it up!

Superb music and performances. The musicians created an intimate event in a very public space. . Thank-you for the marvelous music.

Sept 22, 2009

Excellent, what a wonderful initiative – thank you!

Thank you so much for bringing high-caliber string quartet concerts back to the U of A setting. it has been a very long time and such music has been sorely missed

For a delightful music treat, thank you Enterprise quartet

I enjoyed the performance very much, and look forward to the next one

Mendelssohn or Brahms, definitely Brahms, so in sync!

What an experience you guys played good Brahms!

Thank-you for the wonderful concert. We were very happy to come and grateful for the opportunity to see you all playing such beautiful music.

Sept 8, 2009

Haydn and Beethoven would both have been proud of the concert you gave, and so are we! Congratulations on your excellent execution of the music! (see you at future concerts!)

Brilliant Performance, Bravo!

Very exciting and impressive! Looking forward to more concerts

I will try to bring people for the next concert on Sept. 22

Very good!!

Wow! Wonderful treat and a feather for downtown community’s hat. Really puts the downtown on the map.

Just Grand!!!

Superb performance

I am so glad you are having concerts in the downtown area

It is good to see that the university is making use of its music program

  1. Brian Johnson said:

    Thankyou for your wonderful performance at Robertson-Wesley 09.09.12 Great Music, Wonderful Musicians. I will be back to see you play again!

    • Glad you enjoyed the performance… Looking forward to the next 🙂

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